How much can you save at home thanks to energy efficiency?

In Spain, each citizen pays between 30 and 50 euros per month on water, electricity and gas bills. This means that spending on families easily rises to 150 euros per month. Is there any way to lower this bill? Yes! It's called energy efficiency and it's about using energy in an efficient way.

The close relationship between rehabilitation and ITV of Buildings

The passage of time always tends to affect the structure of buildings although we insist on covering it with paint. The cracks cost a lot to disguise and more when it comes to those caused by the years. The Buildings ITV is responsible for making sure that the inhabitants of the buildings live safely in them and that the passage of time does not influence. Today we explain the relationship between ITV and rehabilitation.

Can Regasol project, a villa with porcelain tile cladding

Sistema Masa is collaborating on a new construction project. In this case, a villa that will have a porcelain cladding on its facade. The intelligent and efficient use of energy has made ventilated facades more and more common in all types of buildings, such as this detached house.

Rehabilitation of facades: the sector that grows at a good pace

The rehabilitation sector has experienced sustained growth in the last four years. The perspectives of the rehabilitation of buildings in Spain seem quite promising. The rainscreen façades are being a success within the remodeling sector. It is a type of remodeling that makes the house, through the insulating material, gain much in energy efficiency and comfort.