Sustainable construction trends for 2020

Sustainable construction continues to gain relevance. It is not surprising, since both owners and professionals in the sector are aware that it is the future. Here is a summary of the 4 main trends in sustainable construction for 2020.

On the way to zero energy consumption

On the occasion of the celebration of World Energy Efficiency Day next Thursday, we dedicate an article to the importance of construction in this aspect, since it allows improving the quality of life of cities and the environment.

Technology and construction innovations: 2020 trends

Although the construction sector is quite traditional, we see more and more use of new technologies and construction innovations. We take advantage of the beginning of 2020 to show the 5 trends in construction technology that are expected in the coming years.

New stone cladding project in Vancouver

Sistema Masa has participated in the implementation of ventilated facades with stone cladding in a new project in Canada. The system chosen to solve the project has been the PF-ALU / HPL.