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Mecanismos Anclares y Sistemas Autoportantes, SL, trade name “Sistema Masa” is a Spanish company based in Rubí (Barcelona) dedicated to the design, manufacture, management and assembly of fastening systems for ventilated facades for any type of covering and that offers a wide range of solutions for any type of construction situation, type of material and design.




Design, manufacture, application and assembly of fastening systems for ventilated facades and for any type of covering at the national and international level.


To be a global engineering benchmark for fixing systems for ventilated facades.


Professionalism, safety, commitment, quality, reliability and guarantee. Our strengths are a complete technical service based on assistance from the preliminary study to the completion of the project.


Created in the year 1.994, with more than 20 years in the market and more than 15.000 works carried out in the national and international markets We are a Company that has been able to extend its activity thanks to the quality of its service and the quality of its preparations, applying from the beginning a structured methodology in teamwork collaborating with Architects and Designers, externally advised by one of the most renowned Engineering at National and International level such as BAC Engineering Consultancy Group.

Sistema Masa participated as a speaker at the end of 2.000 and beginning of 2.001 in the drafting of the Spanish regulation UNE 41957-1 “Anchors for coverings of building facades”. In addition, we have adapted all the calculations of our structures and Systems based on all the basic regulations that apply:

We have an excellent technical team with the best qualified ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, in constant search for the best architectural and technical QUALITY. We are a company that has expanded its activities based on the quality of its services and the great PROFESSIONALISM of its team.

Within our work methodology, it is worth highlighting the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE from the beginning to the end of the construction of each project.


We are constantly UPDATING to offer the desired requirements and the latest news, readjusting our calculations to adhere to existing rules and regulations..

All our systems comply with the CTE SPANISH TECHNICAL CODE of the building, as well as with the parameters of EUROCODE No.: 9 “Aluminum Structure Projects” that analyzes and delves directly into aluminum structures and substructures.

We are the only National and International Company that has six Profile Systems with a DITE European Technical Suitability Document with the corresponding European Technical Approval (ETA) Certifications, as well as the CE Mark Designation.

Additionally, we work with the best companies to ensure that our products maintain TOP RATINGS for safety and quality. Currently, we are in the process of validating the ICC (International Couching Community) certification.

Masa System manages to adapt to the specific needs of each project, collaborating and directing projects of all scales and in some cases offering “tailor-made” solutions for the project and its Author with complete assistance from the preliminary study to the completion of the project.

THE INTERNATIONALIZATION of Sistema Masa began in 2.005 with attendance at the BIG 5 International Fair in Dubai UAE. Since then and to date, we have carried out works of greater or lesser magnitude in 49 countries, see our projects section at www.

Sistema Masa has always been positioned at the highest level of quality, one step ahead of the competition, both at a technical and safety level, and it is this differentiation that has always allowed us to achieve larger projects such as Hospitals, Hotels, office buildings, Museums, Universities…in short, reference works.