New apartment building with ventilated facades

Newly built buildings are projected more and more under the levels of demand for energy efficiency. Today we present a new housing building with rainscreen facades. This is one of the examples of new construction that do comply with the levels recommended by the European Union in this matter.

New mall with ventilated façades of Sistema Masa

Today we present a new shopping center with rainscreen facades. This is the Alisios Shopping Center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). It has more than 6.000 square meters and for the cladding of the facades was chosen stone.

Sistema Masa and Knauf manage to combine the advantages of ventilated façades with a technical closing wall

Is it possible to benefit from the aesthetic and energetic advantages of rainscreen façades with ceramic or stone cladding when opting for a technical closing wall? From now on it will be possible thanks to the collaboration agreement between Sistema Masa and Knauf, with the participation of the Institute of Technology of Catalonia (ITEC) and the supervision of the BAC Engineering Consultancy Group.