Edificios eficientes para limpiar el aire

Los efectos del cambio climático y las nuevas formas de conectividad entre las personas hacen que el sector de la construcción permanezca en constante actualización para satisfacer las necesidades de los usuarios. Algunos ejemplos de esta renovación son los ecobarrios, las smart cities o los edificios eficientes que ayudan a limpiar el aire gracias a sus fachadas o al revestimiento empleado.

New hotel with ventilated facades of Sistema Masa

The new project of which today we talk is a hotel with ventilated façades of Sistema Masa. The property will have two facades, one exterior and one interior that gives way to a courtyard garden. The hotel, which will occupy almost all the blocks, has opted for this type of façades to avoid surcharges on energy bills and to get a building more committed to efficiency and the environment.

Ventilated facades for a 25-story building in the seismic zone of Tijuana

Sistema Masa presents a new project in Mexico. This time it is about the installation of ventilated facades of a new residential building located in the city of Tijuana. The biggest challenge of this project has been to design the facades for a building of 25 plants that is situated in a seismic zone and with strong winds.

Germany builds the world's largest Passivhaus

The new residential Passivhaus is located in Hiedelberg (Germany) and has more than 6,000 square meters. The 162 passive homes in this residential area optimize existing resources to minimize energy consumption. Currently, the Passivhaus standard is the branch that has evolved the most in the construction sector.