Fixed anchorage of great capacity and resistance, specific to be mounted on the PF-ALU aluminum profiles. The technique used in this type of anchors is that of a double stamped and machined stainless steel plate with adjustment bushings that are inserted into a specific or continuous regatta made in the axis of the plates to be hung. Specifically, the geometry of these anchors is resolved by double folding of the variable base plates. Each of these models is used depending on the dimensions of the cladding (thicknesses of 3, 4 and 5 cm) and its position on the façade. The GR-PL-100 intersecting model joins the cladding plates at the corners, with the possibility of joining up to 4 units. The GR-PL-46 model, on the other hand, only allows you to connect two plates.


Technical Specifications
· Minimum thickness of the cladding: 30 mm.
· Minimum recommended joint: 6 mm. horizontal and 3mm. vertical.
· Mechanization: punctual slot.
· Calculations made with maximum densities of 3000 kg/m3.

System designed for the solution of cladding with pieces in a horizontal position and placement with both continuous joints (alternative in 50% locking, in large pieces). In addition, the PF-ALU/PL system allows the placement of pieces in a locked vertical position.

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Product type

Premium profiles


edge groove


hidden mechanics


Sandstone / Limestone, GRC Panel (Glass Reinforced Concrete), Natural stone