Completely hidden system composed of vertical uprights of different types and designed especially for thin-thick, large-format coatings, such as Sintered Ceramics, Fiber Cement, Composites, Glass, HPL, etc. The system works together with a high-performance adhesive in combination with the GR-SO-S support anchors and double-sided tape to guarantee a correct and long-lasting hold with maximum security. It is also worth highlighting the use of the patented Masa keys designed to ensure the perfect position of the plates and the joints between them, maintaining the flatness of the cladding in contact with the tape and the adhesive until the optimal degree of functionality is reached. They are subsequently removed and/or reused.

The PF-AL-T system has been designed for large formats arranged horizontally; For architectural designs with a vertical arrangement of the plates, we have a variant of the System that is complemented with horizontal profiles called PF-AL-TH with the same operation and GR-SO-S support anchors described (see corresponding sheet). .


Technical specifications
· Minimum thickness of the cladding: 3 mm, maximum 15 mm.
· Minimum recommended joint: 3 mm. horizontal and 3 mm. vertical.
· Does not require mechanization.
· Calculations carried out with maximum densities of 3000 kg/m3. GR-SO-S anchor is placed on the vertical profile in any of the PF-AL-T,L,J,TT,JT,T35 and J35 models centered on the profile base. The connection to the vertical profile is made by means of a DIN 7504 4,2 x 12,7 stainless steel extra-flat head drill bit screw. A2/A4.The double-sided adhesive tape, 3mm thick and 12mm wide, helps with the initial fixation of the panel and to guarantee sufficient thickness of the applied adhesive. Masa System has designed an innovative system of keys that press the coating against the profile and maintain the joint between plates, removing once the adhesive has reached its optimal loading state.

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Product type

Premium profiles


without mechanization


Occult Mixed, Occult Chemistry


Sintered ceramic, Composite, Fiber cement, High pressure laminates (HPL)