Nuevo sistema de aplacados ligeros

In Sistema Masa we are working on the launch of a new system for light cladding materials. It is the TH model, which consists in using a horizontal rail that allows installing light cladding in big format, in horizontal and with continuous vertical joints, without having to worry about the vertical rails.

With this new cladding system we have more versatility with our systems for ventilated façade, and this new release will allow our company to increase the range of solutions for our customers, and it represents savings in the total cost of the system.
Every project and construction site is unique, and choosing the most adequate system is very important to obtain an optimum result. In Sistema Masa we consider certain parameters that have a direct influence in the final selection: the type of material, the distance until the front of the façade, the dimensions and the position of the material, etc. This is the reason why our technical department is constantly working in order to optimize our systems, searching for the best system for every case.


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