13 semi-detached houses with ventilated façade in Pozuelo de Alarcon

The development of 13 homes in the exclusive area of Pozuelo de Alarcón has a ventilated natural stone façade, giving the complex a highly representative image, accentuated by the strength of its volume play.

Architect: Pablo Callejo Rodriguez
Location: c / Santiago Maganto, 38-42, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid
Year of execution: 2019
Approximate area: 1,897.92 m2
Anchor type: GR-ESP
Building type: Single Family Homes
Technical characteristics / Difficulties:
Project on three levels. Cladding fastened with GR-ESP direct self-supporting staple, so, although there are no profiles, there is still an inner chamber that allows air circulation. Said clips can hold the plates, both by the vertical joint and by the vertical joint depending on their position. The system has a special GR-ESP-V-120 clip that allows you to leave certain edges visible.

Cladding: Stone


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