​Single-family house with ventilated façade.

Single-family house designed by Artigas Arquitectes and located in Sant Cugat del Vallès with ventilated façade. 

Albert Artigas's studio wanted to create a unique and totally personalized home. The "house of an author" as they call it.
As their website communication, this house is "a custom-made house, thought and designed according to who should live in it" and that always takes into account three main factors: the place (house understands it and adapts to it ), the program (dictated by their owners, who will say how they want to live) and the material (the formal element has its place and only one).

Architect: Artigas Arquitectes.-
Location: c / Colòmbia, 45, Sant Cugat del Vallès
Year of execution: 2020
Approximate surface: 218.80 m2
Anchor type: PF-ALT / SOS
Building type: Single family home
Technical characteristics / Difficulties:
Single-family house in Sant Cugat, built following the Passivhaus standards, supplemented by energy efficiency with a ventilated façade of Sistema Masa, for which our PF-AL-T/L SO-S system has been used. The cladding chosen for this house is a large-format sintered ceramic cladding from the Avorio series by Neolith®, in a thickness of 6mm. plus mesh
In this case, in addition to the façade, we have placed the window frames and the crowning piece of the same material, thus achieving homogenize the cladding area, leaving clean volumes - without interruptions from other materials.

Cladding: Sintered ceramic model Neolith Avorio Satin from TheSize house. -


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