In our facilities in Rubí (Barcelona), we have state of the art equipment and a team of specialists to successfully address and resolve any challenge arising from any project.

Manufacturing and processing of projects is completely carried out in our facilities or, if the project scope so requires, in collaboration with specialized companies in the sector from different countries and under the on-site supervision of our technicians to always pursue our goal of giving a rapid response with the highest quality possible.

Cutting line

In our facilities, we have two automated, numerically controlled, laser-guided bridge cutting disks, a multi-disk line equipped with a continuous conveyor and another semi-automatic disk, etc. In addition, our latest acquisition has been a four-head water jet cutter, which allows us to carry out correctly matched cuts with great precision, this cutter operates in connection with our Technical Department that receives all information electronically.

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Machining line

The final finish of our products is carried out in several productions lines in our facilities, such as:
-        A drilling machine with four heads, placed two by two and facing each other, equipped with a continuous conveyor for automatic transport.
-        A vertical and horizontal grooving machine that allows us to perform notches in both directions at the edges of the panels for their subsequent installation on façades. A drilling machine with two vertical heads for claddings that are machined on the rear side of the panels.
-        A 10-head edge-polishing machine that allows working with thicknesses of up to 10 cm.
All the above equipment allows performing excellent-quality and highly reliable machining and finishing, making a difference especially in terms of safety during the calibrated machining of the panels for the anchors on ventilated façades, using either single standing anchors or anchors with profiles. We are able to supply all off-cuts for their machining in our production facilities, disregarding the option of on-site machining as required by law.

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