Building located at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Bellaterra - Barcelona (Spain). The cladding is Blue Slate with 20 mm thickness and measurements of 120 x 60 mm with a structure of continuous joints, both vertical and horizontal. The particularity of this cladding implies the impossibility of machining, as the slate in particular, and to a lesser extent the quartzite, present a laminar molecular composition, therefore, if the edges are machined, it may begin to open through laminates or exfoliation. For this reason, the PF-ALU/CER system was selected in version 14/20 which, supported by the CER Spring, permits stabilization of the panel in its position, maintaining it free from vibrations and from the effects of the horizontal wind load.

Guillermo Sanchez Gil
Bellaterra (Spain)
Year of Execution:
Surface area:
1.350 m2
Employed system:
Revestimiento de fachadas. Sistema Masa. Edificio UAB

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