Institutional building FACH (Chile Air Force located in Cerrillos, Santiago, in the Metropolitan Region, Chile.) The design uses a large amount of Steel and Glass framed in an enormous wall of Basalt Stone. The system used for this project is PF-ALU-CER, based on an anchoring system with visible flanges and push springs to avoid movement of the cladding panels. The decision shared with the Proyect Management was made, despite the cladding material can be machined, and it was decided to select smaller panels with less thickness so as to not overburden the structure and at the same time, to avoid pathologies due to seismic problems in the geographical area, with the anchors including visible flanges, the set achieved greater safety. 

Iglesias Prat Arquitectos
Santiago de Chile (Chile)
Year of Execution:
Surface area:
4.000 m2
Employed system:
Diseño de fachadas ventiladas y revestimiento de fachada de Sistema Masa

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