Residential building located in Rambla Catalunya, in the center of Barcelona (Spain). The intervention in this project was of three types, as the façade is cataloged as Heritage Site. The annexed building in Córcega street was not cataloged, since it is a building with a new floor. Finally, two additional floors were constructed on the top until reaching the current height. The new façade was planned in Crema Cenia marble with a very complex and different off-cut depending on the position of the same. One of the vertical off-cuts has horizontal blocked joints and is of reduced width, the other vertical off-cut includes vertical blocked joints and larger panels. The system adopted to resolve the complexity of both off-cuts was PF-ALU/HPL in two versions, GR-V and the generic HPL.

Esteve Bonell - Jose María Gil
Barcelona (Spain)
Year of Execution:
Surface area:
550 m2
Employed system:
Diseño de fachadas de Sistema Masa. Edificio Rambla de Catalunya

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