Residential building located in the Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona. The façades were conceived using different materials such as composite with large vertical free off-cuts and installation with horizontal blocked joints. The rear façade was designed with smaller sized panels by the ceramics expert Toni Cumella, who offered the possibility of creating pieces of different sizes that gave a range of textures when combined, with great variability and colors.  The panels were matte and shiny, always in grey and gold tones, with the matte piece alternatively positioned backwards to strengthen the texture. The construction system adopted was designed by Sistema Masa and forms now part of the MASA Specials product range. We can also highlight the positioning on the entire ground floor of panels of vertical textured granite with horizontal blocked joints with pieces of different sizes. Mortared installation with the restraint anchoring system GR-AM-HOR.

Lluis Cantallops
Barcelona (Spain)
Year of Execution:
Surface area:
900 m2
Employed system:
Fachada de ventilada de Sistema Masa. Edificio de viviendas

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