Residential building from the 60s built with a metallic structure and brick walls with marble cladding. Over time the slabs made with metallic profiles were worn down by corrosion and the wall cladding shows signs of detachment. Partial interventions like painting the metallic elements or reinforcing the marble panels did not solve the problem and the property decided to undertake a complete renovation, putting out a call for bids which the architects Arias-Azkarate won.
This was an complete overhaul. The original façade cladding was replaced after a difficult stripping and repair process on the support with a technical façade made of waterproof and thermal layers with large Trespa HPL wall cladding. They turned to Sistema Masa for the wall cladding’s support. The self-supporting system PF-AL-TT/JT to help the substituted slabs was used, taking all weight off the enclosure walls.

Joan Arias Roig / Martín Azkarate
Year of Execution:
Surface area:
10000 m2
Employed system:
facades rehabilitation

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