The solutions offered by Sistema Masa include those that pertain to specific designs, applied to projects that are somewhat peculiar in terms of fastening elements. These types of solutions permit adaptation of the support in order to respond to the functional and/or aesthetic requirements, maintaining the necessary security standards with an exhaustive study of the operation.
These types of "customized" solutions allow the architect designer to design a façade of greater complexity, and through its technical department, Sistema Masa will take charge of materializing the concept by contributing experience in the design of fastening systems, offering the guarantee of a company specialized in fastening systems and with the flexibility that permits quick and efficient placement on site.
Particularly indicated for unique projects that do not contemplate the use of standardized systems.


Minimum thickness of the cladding: depends on the project and the material to be used.
Minimum recommended joint: 6mm (vertical and horizontal). In materials such as fiber cement and high pressure laminates, the joints will depend on the size of the cladding panels to be fastened.
Machining: depending on the above points,
Calculations made with densities up to 3000 kg/m3.

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