More than 90% of homes are not built under the requirements of energy efficiency

eficiencia energética en construcción

The National Center for Renewable Energies, Cener, has published a report with alarming data. Of all newly built homes, only 7.2% accomplish energy efficiency requirements. This means that more than 90% of the total continues to fail to implement sufficient measures to achieve efficient homes that save and manage better energy and resources.

Fail in energy efficiency

Cener's latest report has put energy efficiency in the spotlight of construction. In particular of the new housing that, contrary to what is recommended from the European Union, do not arrive at the minimum to be considered as efficient homes. The report says that:

Most of the real estate park is not efficient, which is an unnecessary economic expense and a risk to our health".

According to Cener, lack of adequate insulation or poor quality materials can cause problems for people living in homes. It is no longer just a matter of energy savings, but also of health and of avoiding serious situations or even of energy poverty.

eficiencia energética en las viviendas

In this sense, the countries that occupy the first places of the ranking of energy efficiency are Germany, Italy and Japan.

Rehabilitation to improve efficiency

In the case of old or new buildings, energy efficiency can also be improved through techniques such as rehabilitation. A field in which there is also a long way to reach, since the levels of efficient rehabilitation in old buildings are extremely low.

rehabilitación para conseguir eficiencia energética

As we have already mentioned in previous news, the rehabilitation of buildings brings many advantages in terms of energy saving. In a rehabilitation all aspects of a building are reviewed: materials, decks, windows, etc. One of the most important points is the isolation of its facades. If the building is poorly insulated, energy resources such as heating or air conditioning will be lost or will be less effective than with proper thermal insulation.


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