New GR-SOP Clip

Designing customized solutions is a priority for Sistema Masa, because the company’s vision is to be a leader in engineering fastening systems for ventilated facades in Spain and abroad, and continuous development is essential to achieve this in order to adapt to the market and the needs of each project.
Continuous updating forms part of the company's DNA, and once again Sistema Masa is delighted to present a new design on which its technical department is currently working: the new GR-SOP Clip.

New GR-SOP clip 

Designed to support light cladding that does not require mechanical anchoring. Sistema Masa’s technical department is studying the manufacture of these new clips, which will serve as a support for light cladding and will complement the company’s GR-SOV system. It is intended for applications in which the customer requires a hidden anchor but the material used is too thin to be able to be machined on its edge.
Sistema Masa is very clear that each project is unique and for this reason it invests into research and development, obtaining new products that guarantee safety and quality.


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