Building Rehabilitation Licenses: What are they?

Building Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of buildings is key to ensure their good condition and to achieve greater energy efficiency. When undertaking the rehabilitation works, owners or investors face multiple barriers, including lack of information. To combat it, in Brussels have proposed to implement the so-called Building Rehabilitation Licenses that will serve the users to know what steps they should follow, what help they have at their disposal or what elements to review. 

What are the Building Rehabilitation Licenses?

The virtual seminar on Building Rehabilitation Licenses organized by the European Institute for Building Performance (BPIE) took place on 2 February. Although it has been shown that rehabilitation brings numerous social and environmental benefits, in Europe we still have very low renewal rates and well below the level recommended by the European Union.

Added to this is the lack of information with which owners and investors want to start rehabilitation works. Given this, the BPIE proposes to create Building Rehabilitation Licenses that will provide all the practical information that users need. Some governments are already implementing this measure in order to increase rehabilitation rates and contribute to the energy efficiency of their buildings.

rehabilitación de edificios sistema masa

According to the BPIE, Building Rehabilitation Licenses will boost licenses and provide personalized information to building owners, such as available aids, aspects to be reformed, etc.

What elements do we review in the rehabilitation of buildings?

The main purpose of building rehabilitation is to improve its condition to ensure the well-being of its tenants. One of the aspects that more are reviewed is the isolation of the facades. If a building has good insulation means it will be more efficient and can save up to 40% energy.

In addition to facades, ceilings, roofs, windows and other architectural elements such as foundations, beams, etc. are also checked.


In Sistema Masa we have experience in the rehabilitation of facades. Below we leave some examples of buildings that have rehabilitated their facades and have achieved greater efficiency.

rehabilitación de edificios y fachadas

rehabilitación de edificios y fachadas

rehabilitación de edificios y fachadas

If your rehabilitation of buildings includes the installation of ventilated facades, remember that you can request information without commitment in our web.


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