Vented facades: What are the benefits?

ventajas de las fachadas ventiladas

Although there are no definitive calculations, many qualified studies predict that about 70% of new buildings will have ventilated facades in the coming years. This new concept of facade is a clear evolution of the buildings, and an improvement in profitability, design and productivity. Here we describe the main advantages of this type of facade.

1) Advantages of ventilated facades: saving

The first major advantage of vented facades and that most directly affects to users is the energy savings. According to FACUA, the consumer organization in action, in the last ten years the electricity bill has risen by 76%. To offset these increases have different ways of saving and the most important is undoubtedly ventilated facades. Thanks to them we can save up to 40% on electricity bills thanks to the thermal insulation. 

ahorro energético con fachadas ventiladas

The good thermal insulation and energy saving is closely linked to the fact that thanks to these facades, we respect the environment in a more active way. In this regard, currently the contribution of the buildings by the energy loss to the ozone layer is about 80%.

2) Facades and productivity

Closely related to the above advantage, rainscreen facades have also higher levels of productivity. With less energy we can get better results. If before we spent 80 € per month in electricity bills, thanks to the ventilated facades we can enjoy the same hours of light but spending only about 48 €.

detalle fachadas ventiladas

Among other reasons, this is because water vapor does not condense and therefore there breathability of the facade. Nor it needs much time for installation and technical implementation.

3) Design and rehabilitation

If your building needs a rehabilitation you can study the possibility of installing this type of facades. In addition to the above advantages, aesthetically the ventilated facades are more modern and innovative. There are designs of the facades of all kinds:
The ceramic facade is the most widely developed in Spain as it is a constructive solution ideal in residential buildings, and private and rehabilitation.

4) More economical maintenance. More lasting guarantee.

Another of the great advantages of ventilated facades is its low maintenance cost. A ventilated facade does not need reviews as often as conventional. 
detalles fachadas ventiladas
Review every 3, 5 and 10 years. Moreover, the performance guarantee is much higher too.

5) Other benefits

If we change the ventilated facades we also will note it positively:
  • Outside noise: ventilated facades pose a greater acoustic barrier.
  • Cleaning: are easier to clean.
  • Imperfections: correct the imperfections of the front facade.
  • Health: greater healthfulness of our building
Remember for rehabilitation of buildings are official aid can be requested before the end of the year. The amounts and deadlines depend on each autonomous community.


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