Is your facade ready for winter?


The facade, together with the deck or the roof of the buildings, is the party that more bad weather affects (rain, hail, UV rays, snow, cold, wind, etc.). If a facade shows wear, cracks or other erosion we must think seriously in rehabilitate as it will help us to prevent from cold inside and save on bills. If you get cold in our house, we have to put a higher temperature hot air appliances or heating, thereby, our energy bill will increase and it will not realizing efficient consumption.

How to check the status of our facade


The first things to look at are the cracks. Many of them are produced by the typical moisture from rain. These cracks should be repaired and for this we have to clean, remove loose parts or grit, fill the holes with putty and paint. If the cracks are too large, it is best to contact a professional to help us and fix them.

Humidity and painting

If the paint is badly damaged, we should paint the façade again. Thus, we will improve the thermal insulation. Before painting, we must check the moisture. In case there moisture spots will necessitate repair by special paints anti humidity. Once we have covered well humidities, and we can paint the facade.

How ventilated facades work in winter

As we have said on many occasions, one of the most effective solutions are ventilated facades. Its operation is adapted to the external temperatures. During the winter ventilated facades provide thermal stability and acting as a heat accumulator helped by the layer of thermal insulation system. Thus, they avoid the escape of heat from the inside with the corresponding energy saving.
fachada ventilada invierno
Before the rain, ventilated façades work as a river wall. This is achieved through the cladding that allows only the passage of a maximum of 5% of rain water through the joints and the effect of the wind.

Rehabilitation aids

In many Spanish regions there are grants and subsidies for the rehabilitation of facades. To see if we meet the requirements, we inform through citizen service offices.


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