Sistema Masa cladding system at Hospital Sant Pau.

Last 3 of March, 3 pavilions of the Modernist compound of Sant Pau obtained the certification LEED SILVER (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) given by the U.S. Green Building Council.
In 1930 was inaugurated this architectural ensemble form the architect Lluis Domenech y Muntaner, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1997. This modernist ensemble, located in Barcelona is composed by 13 Modernist buildings build in a first phase (1902-1913) and another 6 buildings built in a second phase done by the son of the architect.
In year 2000 the construction of a new big building began, being built in the North part of the Historic compound. For the construction of this new building Sistema Masa was chosen and our cladding system PF-ALU/HPL was selected for the façade, where they used grey honed granite in big formats, combined with others a lot smaller and always with the stone in vertical pieces.
 In summer 2009 the new building was finally inaugurated, while the rehabilitation works started to recover the original work from Domenech y Montaner and to transform the buildings in functional spaces for the XXI century, with the incorporation of technological upgrades.
This year have been recognized the important tasks of rehabilitation in terms of efficiency and energy savings, obtaining the LEED that recognizes internationally the most sustainable buildings and covers very different aspects such as the use of water, the energetic efficiency, the healthiness and environmental quality for the user and other aspects regarding the constructive process and the reutilization of materials.
We are very proud of being a part of the constructive team of this new building. We highly trust in the quality of our systems for ventilated façades and we are very happy to see the recognition this building receives worldwide. 


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