A new project that respects the building tradition of the Minho River

rainscreen claddings

New buildings and innovative construction techniques owe their success to the experience they bring the oldest building traditions. In Sistema Masa we are very aware of this idea and, therefore, our rainscreen facades perfectly combine the latest techniques with the wisdom of materials or other prior art.

This aspect as we implement in a new construction of single house in Ourense. As discussed below, the choice of materials followed the building tradition of the Minho River basin.

Sistema Masa project details

  • Location: Ourense, Galicia
  • Year of completion: 2016
  • Surface Area: 600m2
  • Anchor type: PF-ALU/HPL
The new Sistema Masa project is located in the basin of the River Minho. It is protected by a large area of trees that protect the housing of the strong west wind zone. For its construction we took into account the weather factor and constructive tradition of the area. Therefore, the choice of the material, the scale of the pieces and the arrangement of boards give this housing look so respectful of the ecosystem. In the following pictures we can see details of the construction of this new Sistema Masa project. 

fachadas ventiladas

fachadas ventiladas

fachadas ventiladas

Not only it was able to be an efficient building thanks to ventilated facades, but in turn, respects the environment and Galician landscape of the Minho River basin.

System for rainscreen facades: PF-ALU/HPL

For fixing the ventilated facades, we chose the PF-ALU/HPL system, which is suitable for compact materials with continuous horizontal and free vertical joints. It is a system that enables exceptional performance in the assembly because it requires no screws for fixing parts, and thanks to the innovation design of their element silent-block.

This polyethylene cap absorbs contraction and expansion of the assembly while focusing and promotes flatness of the cladding.
fachadas ventiladas
This system has been used in other projects such as ventilated facades Ayre Fiesta Gran Via Hotel and Hotel @ 22 Pallars/llacuna.


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