Sistema Masa installs ventilated facades system in a building with a changing volumetry

ventilated facades

Sistema Masa system is immersed in a new project in Barcelona. It is a building whose uniqueness is its design, as it presents a facade with changing volumes for a dynamic, modern air. For this project, we have combined the installation of a brick facade with a ventilated façade with ceramic tile.

Sistema Masa Project details

  • Project type: office and residential building
  • Architect: Benito Miró and Damián Ribas Malagrida
  • Location: C/ Pere IV, Marroc and Bac de Roda (Barcelona)
  • Surface area: 1.100 m2
  • Anchor type: PF-ALT/SV
  • Cladding: porcelain tile in 120x56cm measure of the Vision series, black color, of Roca Tile
The new project Sistema Masa, build by La Llave de Oro is located a few meters from Parc Central de Poble Nou, Barcelona. It is a building for offices and homes whose peculiarity is its innovative design. The architects have designed a facade whose changing volumes printed to set a dynamic and modern air. In addition, the building surface is also shows the majesty of the project occupies the entire block formed by the streets of Pere IV, Marroc, Bac de Roda and Fluvià.

fachadas ventiladas

The offices occupy part of the main lobby of the building, which is accessed from the street Pere IV. With regard to this area and its installation, we have combined the facade of the generic use of face brick with the use of ventilated façade with ceramic tile. Add to that the ceramic cladding with a special design which is very marked vertical joints that combine with the offset of the woodwork adds.

To fix the vented facades we used the PF-ALT/SV system.  As for the cladding, we chose a porcelain tile material of 120x56cm format,  the Vision series in black color of Roca Tiles.

System for ventilated facades: PF-ALT/SV

We chose the fixing system for ventilated facades, PF-ALT/SV, for its special design for cladding with reduced thickness materials. It is an anchor with visible nails ideal for vertical and specially designed for porcelain or ceramic tile assemblies, among others.

fachadas ventiladas

On more than one occasion we have chosen this system for installation of ventilated facades, as Hospital Señor de Bonfim, pabellón deportivo Arcos de Valadez or Torre del Ángel


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