The leading cities in innovation and urban construction

The leading cities in innovation and urban construction

Although we are still far from completely build sustainable cities and to cover all the needs of its people, there are some examples of planning measures can be taken to follow this path. Specifically we are going to talk about the examples of Medellin, Houston, Detroit, Vancouver and Singapore. These five cities that manage their resources, that are committed to energy efficiency and trying to meet the needs of its citizens.

Achieving these goals is not easy but can be achieved through urban innovation. Some of the measures of this innovation as regards construction are respectufully environmental systems such as ventilated facades. As I explained with the example of Smart Cities, a good installation of ventilated facades can make energy savings of up to 40%.
Then we will see examples of these five cities leading innovation and urban construction.


Colombian city of Medellin is an example of the rehabilitation of buildings is key to improving the quality of life of the inhabitants. This city has developed numerous projects of rehabilitation of facades, interiors, etc. to revive its poorest neighborhoods.

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In this case, Houston has opted to thrive thanks to the accessibility of its buildings. This large city is growing in population. More than 60% of their new homes in the metropolitan area is considered accessible to middle-income families.

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Detroit is poised to become a Smart City through the creation of so-called "pink zones" where more freedom is given to the most enterprising citizens. In these areas the procedures for young entrepreneurs can open businesses and revitalize shopping areas more quickly.

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In Canada, the Vancouver goal is to become a green city. Their entrances and buildings have a construction that favors pedestrians and buildings are completely sustainable. In all building systems, as well as its exterior facades can be seen that the sustainability of their materials.

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Singapore is an example of good governance despite having some extremely limited resources. Again, sustainable construction and elements of buildings (facades, systems, materials, etc.) are key to energy efficiency.

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These five cities are some of the examples of how the medium or smaller cities are beginning to take steps toward energy efficiency and in order to comply with the wishes and needs of its inhabitants. As I explained a few days ago, there are real cases you can get a better construction and better efficiency.


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