Rehabilitation of the facades of the headquarters of Banco Caminos

rehabilitation of facades

One of the last projects of rehabilitation of facades Sistema Masa has been held in Madrid. Specifically, the project involved the rehabilitation of a residential building located in the heart of the capital, on the street Almagro. The work has been to rehabilitate the facades of the entire building for the expansion of the headquarters of Banco Caminos.
rehabilitación fachadas ventiladasrehabilitación fachada ventiladarehabilitación fachadas ventiladas

The cladding chosen was the Roman travertine, a material for facades that follows the line of the district in which the building is: a neighborhood building bourgeois style where the headquarters of many companies, banks and is one business centers best known in Madrid.
rehabilitación fachadas ventiladas

The surface of the renovated building is 800m2 and the architect who carried out the design has been Antonio Ruiz Barbarin.

PF-ALU/PL and GR-CLM cladding systems

To ensure the quality of the rehabilitation of the facades, we selected products the Sistema Masa: sub-structure system PF-ALU/PL and direct anchoring system GR-CLM

It is a high-capacity fixed anchorage and resistance that was designed to solve cladding with horizontally pieces and placement with grid horizontal. 
rehabilitación de fachadas ventiladas

This system is designed specifically for facade cladding materials such as marble. This is a adjustable anchor of great simplicity and resistance 


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