What is a technical inspection of a facade?

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The technical inspection of façade is a technical control that every so often must undergo preventive maintenance buildings to help us detect possible problems. In this sense, in Spain there is the ITE (Technical Inspection of Buildings) as contained in Royal Decree-Law 8/2011 and establishes mandatory inspection in buildings over 50 years old. For the inspection report is favorable they must comply with a number of conditions related to safety, thermal insulation or sanitation, among others.

Reviewed elements

First of all a technical inspection checks one by one the facades state materials such as tiles, stone cladding. This phase will detect possible cases of detachment, of humidities, etc.

Second, the walls of the facade and restraint systems or subject are also reviewed. Specifically, they control closing wall that is suitable for the facade and the installation status.

Third, the focus is put on the air chamber and the façade cladding. In this regard, the inspection will take into account the type of cladding (stone, ceramics, aluminum, etc.) to determinate their status.

Finally, the technical review also inspects other factors such as the age of the facade, possible cases humidity or healthiness

In the case of public buildings, inspections have more relevance. If the building has presented a problem, as a case of evolution, you must request an inspection. One of the last cases of technical inspection detachment facade is the facade of Burgos hospital.

revisión de fachada

Thermal isolation

One of the most important points for the technical inspection is favorable is the thermal insulation of the facade. For a facade meets the energy efficiency requirements, separation cladding on the enclosure should allow host an insulating layer that supports the free flow of air through their camera.
After the inspection, a report in which it is determined whether or not the facade needs improvement work will be issued. If the report is unfavorable, you can request official support for rehabilitation work.


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