Residential with Ventilated Facade in Calle Bartomeu Amat de Terrassa

​It is a building of 11 houses located on Bartomeu Amat street. The building has a basement, ground floor, 3 floors and a ground floor and a communal area with a swimming pool. The apartments will have 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, some of them duplex or ground floor with a terrace.


Architect: Duran Arquitectes -
Location: Calle Bartomeu Amat, 32, Terrassa
Year of execution: 2019-2020
Approximate surface: 228.07m2
Anchor type: BASIC TILE
Building type: Residential
Technical characteristics / Difficulties:
4-storey residential building located in the center of Terrassa, with a ventilated façade using our Basic Tile system, a 100x50 porcelain tile and mineral wool insulation.
In projects like this one, in which the situation of the façade is given by an element external to the Mass System (in this case a U-shaped beam located in the first floor), it is very important to stake out on site, since an initial error can be the difference between a good or a bad finish.
Sistema masa always emphasizes studying the construction details in advance and usually collaborates in the rethinking of these elements to avoid problems in the installation of our systems.
Cladding: Porcelain stoneware


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