Residential 15 homes in Las Palmas with Ventilated Facade.

Residential 15 homes in Las Palmas with Ventilated Facade.

New housing development in Guanarteme, a few meters from Las Canteras beach avenue. The building consists of 15 houses that will be one, two and three bedrooms and two and three bedroom duplexes.

Architect: AUD - J.J. Martínez Altamira & J.J. Martinez Rodriguez
Location: C /. El Salvador, 52, 35010 - Las Palmas, Las Palmas de G.C.
Year of execution: 2019 - 2020
Area: 127.92 m2
System: PF-AL-T35 / SO
Building type: Residential

Technical characteristics / Difficulties:
Multi-family building between party walls, where our action is located on the main and rear facades between 1st and 5th floors. The cladding is porcelain ceramic in a 60 x 30 cm format, arranged as a frame. The need to achieve a reduced output and hide the clamping clip makes the PF-AL-J35 system the most suitable. Regulation is achieved through the spacers. Its location near the sea made it advisable to use an aluminum with a protection treatment against marine corrosion. Another peculiarity of the project is the type of block used in the area, the Canarian block, which, as it has less resistance, makes it necessary to reduce the separation between brackets in order to support the load transmitted by the facade.
Cladding: Porcelain


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