Numancia 55 Residential

Numancia 55

N55 is located in the district of Les Corts, one of the most appreciated areas of Barcelona. A ground-up development with a balanced mix of typologies of 2 and 4 bedrooms and ground floor units with private gardens. It has underground parking and a swimming pool on the rooftop.

Location: calle Numancia 55, Barcelona

Year of execution: 2019 - 2020
Approximate area: 87.74 m2
Anchor type: PF-ALT / SO
Building type: Residential

Technical characteristics / Difficulties:
Multifamily building between party walls, where our action is located on the main facade of the 1st to 5th floor. The cladding is porcelain ceramic arranged with a stackbond joint as a frame. Our PF-ALT/SO system is used for the installation of porcelain ceramic with hidden staple, with arrangement of PF-AL-T profiles in vertical joint and PF-AL-L profiles at the ends. In the upper and lower areas, where the length of the ceramic exceeds 1.20 m., It is necessary to arrange a PF-AL-L intermediate profile between vertical joints. Our ES-ALU-L-57 bracket has made it possible to achieve a minimum output of 85mm with 11mm thick ceramic (measured on the outer ceramic face).
Cladding: Porcelain stoneware


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