Beckett Locke

Beckett Locke

Project features

Architect: C + W O’Brien Architects -
Location: Dublin
Year of execution: 2019
Approximate surface: m2
System: PF-ALU/CLA
Building type: Hotel
Technical characteristics / Difficulties:
Beckett Locke is a key apartment hotel project 241. This 8-story development is located next to Arena 3. The ground floor will consist of reception, food, beverage and retail areas, while the upper floors will provide living spaces ranging from studios to two-bedroom units. .

Our action has focused on the ground, 1st and 6th floors. The difficulty of this project has been the need to use the same system for all solutions and the existence of different types of support. In addition, it was necessary to achieve a large cavity (27.5 cm from the stone face) due to the need to place a thick thermal insulation (12 cm). Our PF-ALU/CLA system, in addition to bridging this distance thanks to the large brackets, allows the cladding to be fastened by drilling both in the horizontal and vertical joint.
On the ground floor, with SFS (Steel Frame System) type enclosure, our vertical profiles have been fixed to the vertical uprights in one-piece panels. In continuous panels, our horizontal channel has been used to support the weight of the cladding distributed in each of the vertical posts of the SFS, therefore the position of the Masa System profiles is independent of the SFS posts. On the 1st floor, recessed fixing has been carried out in slabs due to the existence of a larger outlet (35 cm from the stone face) and the existing SFS-type support, using our PF-ALU-80 profile, with greater rigidity. On the 6th floor, with a concrete wall enclosure, an articulated system and our PF-ALU-60 profile have been used.


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