Covid-19 and sustainable construction

sustainable construction

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has generated a lot of instability in the health field, but it has also opened many questions in the world of construction. How will this crisis affect built-up areas? Should we rethink the concepts of urban development? What is clear is that the pandemic could provide a clear boost for sustainable construction. Experts from the network constituted by the LafargeHolcim Foundation give us their point of view.

The global construction industry has been less affected by the pandemic than other factors, as work in construction sites has continued. It also raises the following question: Should urban architects, planners, engineers and designers rethink certain principles or adopt a paradigm shift?

Rethinking cities

According to the American architect and urban planner Mitchell Joachim, the structure of cities will have to be rethought by experts. Now more people understand what the basic needs are and sustainable projects of all kinds must be successfully implemented.

On the other hand, Stuart Smith, managing director of Arup Germany, considers that the built-up areas we consider essential have become redundant overnight, referring to unoccupied schools and office buildings. Concepts such as the concentration of people must be rethought and adapted to a set of conditions. Likewise, the available space must also be used more flexibly than in the past.

Enabling interpersonal contact is also a very important action, since although thanks to the Internet we have been able to remain in contact, according to Heinzelmann, "we have to further examine urban concentration and the role of public space."

Sustainable construction and environment

Under the name of construction 4.0, it is opening the way to realize the transformation of construction through sustainable techniques. In 30 years we will see that the construction of houses will be different and the buildings will be sustainable. Most of them will have new technology and materials: robotics, BIM, IoT, printing, among many other sustainable construction techniques.


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