Single-family housing project in Madrid

single-family housing pozuelo

Today we present a new project of single-family homes in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid. This incredible group of buildings built with ventilated facades last 2019 thanks to our participation in the supply of systems for ventilated facades.

Project features

  • Architect: Pablo Callejo Rodríguez
  • Location: c/ Santiago Maganto, 38-42, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
  • Year of execution: 2019
  • Approximate area: 1.897,92 m2
  • System: GR-ESP
  • Type of building: Single Family Homes
  • Cladding: Stone

13 homes in Pozuelo de Alarcón

The project consists of 13 houses with stone cladding. All the houses have 3 floors and share a huge community patio.

On this occasion, the cladding is fastened with a GR-ESP self-supporting direct staple. In this way, even if there are no profiles, there is still an interior chamber that allows air to circulate. Likewise, the staples can hold the plates, both by the vertical joint and by the horizontal joint depending on their position. Finally, the system has a special GR-ESP-V-120 clip that allows certain edges to be left exposed.

Ventilated facade, high-quality construction system

The ventilated façade is a construction system that in recent years has been consolidating itself among architects and builders due to the multiple benefits it presents. Hundreds of projects built with this system appear in our projects section of the website.

The most outstanding benefits of a ventilated façade are its high quality, the many aesthetic possibilities it offers and especially its high thermal and acoustic insulation capacity.


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