2018 projects according to the type of system

type of system

Sistema Masa develops unique systems that allow it to adapt to the needs of each project. Thus, these systems allowed us to carry out multiple projects and thus develop. Here are the projects by type of system:

Projects with tBasic Tile System type

The Basic Tile system stands out for belonging to what we consider Basic Profiling. In addition, this offers us a thousand possibilities to adapt to any project.
proyecto bigues i riells

Projects with the GR-CLM system

Through the GR-CLM system we could carry out a very interesting project in Rabat, Morocco. Specifically, the residential complex Ryad Andalous. In this way we were able to contribute our area grain in another country and thus increase our experience in the different types of systems.

GR-RAN, the self-supporting system

The GR-RAN self-supporting anchor is specifically designed for those projects that will carry out a ventilated facade with a reduced chamber. Thanks to this we can include the project of the Palace of the Assembly of Melilla to our classification of projects according to the type of system.

The PF-ALT/SO system in our projects

Within the category of premium profiles we have been able to develop the PF-ALT/SO system with which we have carried out the following projects:

PF-ALT/SO-S Hidden System

The PF-ALT / SO-S is a system for large-format sintered ceramics with the great advantage of having a hidden fixation, thanks to a support clip installed on the edge of the cladding. Thanks to this type of system we could participate in the projects shown below:
mare de deu del coll

The PF-ALT/SOV system

This type of system was used in two different projects during 2018. The first one was in the Nàpols street of Barcelona and the second one was the 100 homes in Barajas (Madrid). Both relevant projects to develop as a company.

PF-ALT/SV and porcelain stoneware

The PF-ALT/SV system is specially designed for porcelain stoneware, working together with an adhesive putty to guarantee the following projects:
Pima Major sistema masa

PF-ALU/HPL and international projects

As we show below, this type of system has allowed us to collaborate on projects from various parts of the world, including: Edinburgh, Luxembourg, Canada, Saudi Arabia, ...
coche dor sistema masa

PF-ALU/HTR system

This horizontal profile allows the cladding of small thicknesses like those found in these projects:

Projects with PF-ALU/PL

The PF-ALU / PL system is one of the most adaptable systems we have in Sistema Masa. This causes it to be used in a large number of projects.

Special Systems

In addition, it should be noted that during 2018 we carried out projects with special systems that make each project unique.
instituto sistema masa
In 2018 we had the opportunity to use all types of systems and participate in projects around the world that made us grow. We hope that these coming years will allow us to evolve and gain more experience!


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