Bamboo for construction: the material of the future


Today we bring you a new form of ecological construction: the use of bamboo in construction. This is being investigated to apply in the structures of modern buildings.

Characteristics of bamboo as a material

Bamboo is a material that stands out for several aspects: it is very resistant but at the same time flexible and grows at high speed, one millimeter every 90 seconds. Thanks to this last aspect, experts consider starting to build with this material.

bambu seco

It is currently used for the lining of certain buildings, but it is already being studied specifically to start using it as a material when it comes to building the structure of the building itself. This would be possible by adapting the thermal properties of bamboo.

Bamboo at a thermal level would not be a problem, since due to the position of its fibers the building could be adapted so that, if there was a fire, it would not burn. In addition, the thermal properties of this material have been examined to take advantage of its conductivity.

It is important to note that this material is not only being used in construction, but is already used in other areas such as: food, medicine, music, furniture and even the textile part.

Bamboo and the environment

Bamboo is increasingly popular among building materials because it is renewable and allows more sustainable buildings to be created. Experts say using it could play an important role, as it would help curb the effects of climate change.


One of the reasons for using this material is that its "production" pollutes less than the production of other construction materials. Also, it should be taken into account that the construction sector is one of the most polluting in the world, so this alternative would help to change this fact.

In Sistema Masa we have already commented on other projects focused on sustainable construction that benefit the environment, as in the case of bamboo. Projects such as biopassive houses and the recycled plastic house are examples of sustainable construction.


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