Townhouse project in Vic


Sistema Masa is constantly evolving and participating in new and interesting projects. He is currently working on a single-family home in Vic which consists of a project with two terraced houses.

Project features

  • Architect: Enric Prat Jimenez
  • Location: Passatge del Pacte dels Vigatans, 46-44. Vic
  • Year of execution: 2019
  • Approximate area: 250 m2
  • System: BASIC TILE
  • Type of building: Single family house
  • Cladding: Porcelain tile
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The shutter box of these townhomes

This project has as a differential feature the use of a type of blind shutter box that is being widely used in the world of construction. These shutter box stand out for their lightweight material and for their reduced thermal conductivity. These two characteristics make installation much easier and have an optimal thermal behavior.

Normally the drawers used in the project of terraced houses involve certain difficulties that have been successfully resolved. On this occasion, they required a very precise placement and were not intended to anchor the profiling of Sistema Masa in them. However, thanks to our systems we could solve these problems and achieve good results in the project.

The BasicTile system

For this project of terraced houses in Vic, the Basic Tile system with a 90x45 ceramic is being used. Likewise, it has been adjusted to the project measures through cuts and mechanizations to be installed with machinery and specialized personnel. Therefore, Sistema Masa has been able to solve another difficulty of the project.
Basic Tile

This system is specially designed for porcelain stoneware and / or extruded ceramic tiles, as these townhouses show. In addition, it can have two different finishes: view or hidden. In the first one a lacquer is used that conceals the system and in the second one it is inserted in fixing channels

Sistema Masa has participated in multiple projects with this system, such as the Hispania Building and the single-family house in Bigues i Riells. If you want to discover more about our products and projects, enter the website!


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