The biopassive house, ecologic and respectful with the environment

casa biopasiva

Environmental awareness is present in most sectors and construction is also one of them, creating and designing structures and buildings aimed at not damaging the environment and promoting responsible consumption. Among these productions, the biopassive house stands out.

What is a biopassive house?

A biopassive house is the union between a bio house and a passive house. Therefore, it is constructed using environmentally responsible materials and at the same time seeks the minimum energy consumption. In this way, the materials with which it is built must come from nature and not go through a polluting manufacturing process. Therefore, sustainability and responsibility in the choice of materials are highlighted. Thus, for example, materials such as cork or wood fiber will be used in the insulation construction of a biopassive house.

casa biopasiva

Biopassive houses may or may not consume, but they focus on the minimum possible energy consumption. For this reason, they are usually located in places where they can take full advantage of natural resources such as the sun, water, wind and air to produce their own domestic energy.

Requirements of the biopassive house

A biopassive house must meet a set of requirements to be considered as such. The main ones are the ones discussed above: use sustainable materials and have minimal energy consumption. Also, other principles must be taken into account:
  • They must renew and recycle energy
  • Minimize waste
  • Take advantage of natural resources
  • Bring welfare to the inhabitants of the house
casa biopasiva
In short, a biopassive house is one of the best solutions towards greater sustainability in which several factors such as the comfort of those who will live in it must be considered. If you want to find out more projects and news visit our web. 


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