The novelty of IoT in construction

IoT in construction

The Internet of Things or IoT is the interconnection of devices through the network. In recent years, its uses have increased considerably, especially those in the construction sector. In turn, the applications of IoT in construction have made it possible for other sectors such as the hotelier to benefit.

Operators often turn to these intelligent IoT-based solutions to facilitate construction, reduce costs and increase safety.

IoT en la construccion

Internet of Things applications in construction

The most commonly used IoT technologies in construction are the smart digital meters and the intelligent building automation system. Both provide greater innovation to the world of construction and greater control.

The meters are the systems that have more relevance, since they detect by sensors factors such as environmental changes, air congestion or temperature. This allows large volumes of data related to construction to be collected, which will serve to obtain solutions by applying IoT in construction and thus achieve greater productivity and safety.

Until now, we have seen that the IoT in construction has applications in the building own production process, but now we see that it also has them once the building is already built. This point is directly related to the intelligent building automation system.

Once the sensors have collected the information, they connect to the network and allow solutions to be applied automatically. For example, if the temperature in a hotel room is very high, the air conditioning will be turned on digitally to improve the stay.


El IoT and energy saving

One of the functions that apply to IoT in construction is energy saving. If the sensors detect that energy is being misused, automation allows the control system to activate an energy saving mode to reduce consumption. Thanks to this mode you can turn off lights or devices when they are not being used or maintain a temperature that does not waste energy.

The Internet of things, IoT, offers a new world of possibilities to the construction sector, especially aimed at energy efficiency. From Sistema Masa we will be waiting for the new updates.


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