Wind can detach poor quality façades

Wind can detach poor quality façades

Correctly installing façades and material quality are very important in building and passerby safety. A poor quality façade can be dangerous and result in material damages or personal harm. The wind is usually the main cause of a façade detaching but a high quality façade installed correctly resists powerful gusts without being damaged.

Over the last few weeks, strong gusts of wind have caused some façades to detach in the city of Alcorcón, Madrid. The strength of the wind destroyed the aluminum façade anchoring on a factory whose cladding was bent and ended up detaching, causing severe material damages

In the next photograph, note how the strong winds caused the façade to bend and detach because the material's quality was not high enough. This light façade couldn't withstand the force of the wind because the air had gotten through a joint and had destabilized the anchors. Either the anchors had not been aligned correctly or they hadn't even been fitted.

fachada de mala calidad

Quality façades

Safety should be the top priority when installing any building's façades. The longest lasting solutions that offer the most quality are in ventilated façades. In the case of Sistema Masa, we offer a 10-year guarantee. 

To make sure the façade doesn’t detach, its cladding, anchors and the fastening systems need to be suitable. In a ventilated façade the cladding panels are secured with a perimeter joint that makes sure there are no problems due to the material dilating. With this solution, we guarantee that the material remains in perfect condition with no cracks or fissures appearing.

The façade's cladding and the materials of a ventilated façade also offer protection against quick temperature changes. This extends the façade's service life. When fitting a façade a series of certificates or quality seals should be presented as well.

Image source: E-Struc


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