Smart homes star in the next digital revolution

smart homes

What will the houses of the future be like? Technology is increasingly present in our day to day and at the same time, more integrated in everything that surrounds us. It has generated a profound impact on our lifestyle as well as in our homes. We see how the concept of construction has changed to the point of talking about smart homes.

This will be the houses of the future

Many experts and analysts try to predict future changes in the coming years that will affect our homes. In this way, concepts such as artificial intelligence through home automation, sustainability, responsible architecture or co-living will be protagonists soon.

The future is homes connected and plugged into the cloud. We can see it already in many homes thanks to the Internet of Things, big data and all the technology aimed at improving the comfort and efficiency of our homes. It is important to highlight that according to the consultant Oliver Wyman, last year, this type of business moved more than 400 million euros in Spain and a growth of 14% per year is expected until 2022.

Energy efficiency

Beyond comfort, energy efficiency stands out as the main benefit of smart homes. This adds to the fact that society is increasingly aware of energy savings. In this way, the most demanded facilities are the control of the lighting and air conditioning systems.

All this technology must be accompanied by an efficient construction. Nowadays, it is possible to save energy monthly thanks to the rehabilitation of buildings implemented ventilated facades or changing the type of cladding. We are impatient to see how our homes will be in 20 years!



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