New trends in building construction

construccion edificios

The construction of buildings has evolved with the arrival of new technologies and new construction elements. We see how the sector has been betting on models of sustainable construction and respectful with the environment. It makes no sense to build domotic and modern houses without taking into account the use of renewable energy, forms of self-consumption or energy efficiency practices.

Save on the electricity bill

It is demonstrated that the practice of energy efficiency in the construction of buildings considerably lowers energy costs, since it saves energy. The luck is that nowadays in the market we find a multitude of solutions to achieve buildings of almost zero energy consumption.

What we should consider?

Smart designs are ideal for improving efficiency. The combination of technology and construction is the key to achieving an energy-responsible home. In many cases the rehabilitation of the structure and design is necessary, since they are two influential factors in this area. In this way, depending on how a construction is planned, the energy consumption will be greater or lesser.
It is important to consider that the approach when designing or rehabilitating a home must go beyond the aesthetic. Priority should be given to intelligence when building, assessing and taking into account from the first moment aspects of the environment such as: location, average temperature, the probability of rain, orientation to the sun or wind.

Elements that directly influence efficiency

Builders must also be concerned with those intrinsic elements of the home that directly influence efficiency. Also, it is important to take into account the size of the windows, the type of envelope used, the type of coating or the use of insulating materials.


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