Sistema Masa installing ventilated façades in Qatar

Sistema Masa - ventilated façades

As we mentioned in our first articles in January, in 2016, Sistema Masa will carry out a number of projects around the entire world. In this article, we’d like to talk about Sistema Masa's new project in Qatar. This is a fascinating project and extremely difficult technically because of the area’s weather conditions. The project is the Commercial Building Marina Mix-052.

Commercial Building Marina Mix-052

The Commercial Building Marina Mix-052 is a 21-story office building. The top seven stories will be used for parking and the lower 13 will be large spaces for offices. This is a very innovative and ambitious project located in Lusail-Marina in the Doha district in Qatar.

Sistema masa - proyecto de fachada ventilada en Qatar

When Sistema Masa was chosen as the façade company for the project, we thought about the building’s technical characteristics, the location’s weather conditions, and what the building would be used for. Once again, we opted for ventilated façades. It is the most suitable option for a place with high temperatures. The separation of the cladding from the enclosure wall creates an insulating layer that allows air to circulate freely through the chamber. This is clearly an advantage that also saves energy

The ventilated façade of the Commercial Building Marina Mix-052 has a total surface area of 2,358 m2.

Façade with PF-ALU-80/PL system

The fastening system chosen for the Commercial Building Marina Mix-052's ventilated façades was the PF-ALU-80/PL system. This system reduces the distance between floor slabs without needing intermediate supports.

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