Buildings insipired in nature

Edificios inspirados en la naturaleza

Nature has always been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for architects throughout history and we see this reflected in different projects in which vegetation is increasingly integrated into architecture. Today's theme is a new trend in construction known as treescrapers, buildings with a complex of trees. Therefore, we see how fashion is now to bring vegetation to the facades of real estate.

Architecture trend treescrapers

More and more buildings are designed from an aesthetic point of view as if they were living organisms of the same nature. Thanks to this trend, it contributes to the recovery of a kinder vision of the traditional gray urban landscape. In this way, the treescrapers are skyscrapers inspired by trees, placing vegetation in the facade with the intention of confusing the building with the environment. This trend is also known as vertical gardens.

There are many cities that have already introduced this trend in its construction and is that the integration of nature or elements of it in buildings brings benefits, both to people who frequent the buildings and the environment. It has been shown that the plants that inhabit this type of buildings filter the air, absorb carbon dioxide and release the oxygen outside, so it coexists between much cleaner air. On the other hand, this type of design provides a greater amount of shade and its production of oxygen contributes to the creation of a refreshing microclimate, reducing the temperature in summer by up to two degrees.

The construction

The construction of skyscrapers has never been easy and thanks to new technological advances we see a much shorter execution time. We raised the question What is the difference between the construction of a skyscraper and that of a treescraper? Well when introducing vegetation in the design are many details to be considered so that the structure, which has to support a large load of vegetables, does not suffer.

On the other hand, the vegetation must be taken care of in detail and study very well in what conditions each species of plant is capable of living. In addition, in the planning of this type of projects the maintenance and irrigation systems of the plants must also be studied.

Treescapers highlights

One Central Park (Sídney, Australia)

Oasia Hotel (Singapur)

Casa árbol (Turín, Italia)

Edificio CBC Radio (Vancouver, Canadá)

Hotel Atlas (Hoy An, Vietnam)

The Diamond Lotus (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


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