Artificial intelligence in the world of construction

Artificial intelligence is a topic of constant actuality, more and more companies are betting on automation or robotics. Today we present a new robot capable of detecting work errors in real time. We see how the tools of artificial intelligence increase the value of the activities of the companies and how it improves the service to the clients.

The Doxel Robot

In the construction world we have rarely heard of artificial intelligence, but with the arrival of this robot we see a clear technological evolution in the sector. The robot called Doxel, scans the buildings in 3D on an autonomous basis every day, to verify that everything is correct according to the guidelines of the project. In this way, we can say goodbye to work delays due to failures.

Doxel will be of significant help especially in large-scale projects such as the construction of a skyscraper. This type of design requires the intervention of a large number of workers of different profiles and the use of this system will allow to monitor the work much more controlled. Therefore, this new system improves the safety of the people involved in the work.

The main objective of Doxel is to provide a cheaper construction and combine massive amounts of data with artificial intelligence techniques.

Artificial Intelligence

The arrival of artificial intelligence in architecture and works will completely change the current vision of the sector. It is a very profitable and efficient system, since it is capable of completely changing the nature of the services we create, optimizing the construction processes. Therefore, the costs will be reduced considerably in the long term.

Although today society is obsessed with the arrival of robots or other technological advances, we must become aware and value the human factor that makes all activities possible with precision and effort.


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