Energy rehabilitation: how to save monthly

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Today we talk about how the energy rehabilitation of your home can reduce long-term expenses. Currently in Spain, most homes are an oven in summer and a refrigerator in winter. This is because they were built before 1978 and the norm that marks the thermal conditions of the buildings had not yet entered into force.

Aspects that condition energy efficiency

There are are many reasons why most homes are not energy efficient. In many cases they have windows through which cold and noise are squeezed. This fact causes the increase of the use of fuel to heat the house, since it is very difficult to maintain a constant temperature. In addition, it can trigger a major health problem such as problems in the nervous system or insomnia.

Secondly, we found a large number of dwellings that concentrate humidity due to poor ventilation, a fact that generates a lot of discomfort for the residents. Another very important aspect is the lack of protection for the sun that makes it very difficult to be in summer.
All these conditions generate a very high cost to the inhabitants, since the need for heating or air conditioning triggers the electricity and gas consumption of a home. It is important to highlight that the energy consumption of a house is directly related to the climatic conditions of each region. In this way, it is very important to adapt the designs that address the climate where the house is built.

Importance of energy rehabilition

Energy rehabilitation is a solution to this energy misuse. For example, the fact of receiving sun in winter or being able to protect yourself from it in summer is a big difference to the energy bill.

To cushion costs there is the express rehabilitation that consists of a change of windows and reinforcement of walls with insulating material. With a small investment you can make arrangements such as: placing carpets in poorly insulated floors, installing blinds, insulating paints, changes in the glass... Another very interesting initiative is to choose appliances and efficient appliances or switch to LED bulbs.

Smart consumption provides economic savings and is beneficial for the environment. In short, this change succeeds in placing housing in a privileged situation and improving the quality of life of the occupants.

A more exhaustive energy rehabilitation, where facilities such as the structure, the ceilings or the facades are reviewed, assures to reduce the expenditure up to 40%.


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