New project of facades with stone cladding in Luxembourg

Proyecto fachadas ventiladas con revestimiento piedra

On this occasion, we present a new project of ventilated facades with stone cladding in Luxembourg made by Sistema Masa in 2018.

The design consists of a building consisting of houses, block of approximately 8000 m2 of ventilated facade divided into 8 portals and 6 floors each.

Project features

  • Location: Luxembourg
  • Approximate surface: 8,000 m 2
  • System: PF-ALU / HPL
  • Type of building: Housing
  • Cladding: Stone
  • Year of execution: 2018
It is important to note that due to the low temperatures that are reached in Luxembourg during several seasons, it has been necessary to leave a great distance between the façade and the support wall. The distance is specifically 38 cm, forming a thermal insulation of great thickness.

Thermally insulating a home allows it to increase its resistance to cold or heat losses, providing benefits such as energy savings or improving the comfort and well-being of users. On the contrary, if a façade is not well insulated it could cause many inconveniences for the occupants.


To save the gap just discussed, we opted for the PF-ALU/HPL system with large-size brackets and a perfect combination of vertical and horizontal profiling. At the same time, this system allows the installation of the claddings with a specific clip, one of the conditions that had been agreed upon first of the architectural project.
However, due to the presence of certain areas, such as concrete slabs where this distance has been reduced to almost the minimum, we have opted for the use of profiles and brackets of different sizes.


On the other hand, to solve the jambs and lintels of the holes of the facade and at the same time, avoid interfering with the rest of the elements thereof, our ES-ALU bracket has been used in continuous extrusion, together with the façade system. Finally, the GR-ESP point staple has also been used in its different typologies.

Remember that you can consult all systems of ventilated facades on our website.


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