First residential building with GREEN energy certification in Valencia

proyecto residencial valencia

Today we present a new residential project with ventilated façades finished with natural stone in Valencia, developed by Sistema Masa. The design called Marqués de Cruïlles is located on Calle Cuenca and was carried out during the year 2018. It is important to note that it is the first building with GREEN Certification and Energy Rating "A" of Valencia.

Project features

Marqués de Cruïlles has a total of 16 homes; 12 floors, 2 duplex and 2 penthouses of three and four rooms. In addition, the design has two basements for parking where there are 17 parking spaces, 11 storage rooms and parking spaces for bicycles. In this way, the community space has been optimized with the intention of minimizing the need to store products in the home.

proyecto residencial valencia

Architect: CURRO MESTRE estudio
Location: Cuenca 105, Valencia
Year: 2018
Approximate surface: 200 m2
System: PF-ALU/HPL
Type of building: Residential
Cladding: Bateig Stone

Natural stone cladding

The building's cladding is made of a natural stone called Bateig Stone, 3 cm thick, which is characterized by a high degree of homogeneity since both its mechanical properties and its appearance and color remain unchanged over time.


It should be noted that the stone layout of the façade has been designed in vertical with the vertical joint staggered, with the intention that our system PF-ALU-HPL-60 is the most suitable for the installation of this facade.

In this way, the type of anchor PF-ALU-HPL-60 used in this project allows to hold the pieces of the same course with two unique horizontal profiles: one lower and one upper, without the need to slide the pieces from the ends and regardless of the width of them and, in this way, improve their performance.


Finally, the GR-HPL-PV point staple has been used for the installation of the pieces by the vertical edge in view of the need to see the edges of the lintel pieces.


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