World Day of Energy Efficiency 2019


Today, Tuesday, March 5, is World Energy Efficiency Day, a very important date for our sector. It is time to stop and reflect on global energy consumption and the management of energy sources. It is important that society decides on the path to follow in sustainability and environmental policies.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is to reduce energy consumption for the development of any activity, whether in the process of manufacturing a product, providing a service or simply using the equipment that society has in their home. Therefore, achieving energy efficiency is a common responsibility, both for a multinational company, a small company or a domestic unit.


On the other hand, energy efficiency aims to protect the environment from all the consequences it suffers with actions, such as wasting energy or unsustainable activities.

How to save energy?

It is very important to promote good habits in energy consumption and implement technological solutions. For example: a company committed to energy savings will improve its processes using much more innovative and less polluting products. In short, this company will be consuming more intelligently.

The most recurrent activities for energy efficiency are energy management, tele control or consumption monitoring, audits or constant technological innovation in materials.

Our activity

From Sistema Masa, we have established responsible consumption parameters to contribute to energy efficiency. In this way, we make efficient and rational use of the energy we have available. Through innovative technologies, our ventilated facades are able to reduce energy costs always looking for environmental and economic profitability.

From projects such as rehabilitating buildings with ventilated facades or other initiatives we achieve energy savings and sustainability. In addition, we always try to carry out our activity respecting the environment and reinforcing energy efficiency.

It is up to everyone to be efficient and build a more sustainable society, slowing down climate change and promoting a much healthier life for all. Join the change!


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