Sustainable homes: an investment in health

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Today we will talk about the relationship between the construction of sustainable houses and the health of human beings. This type of housing is the protagonist of many magazines, newspapers or television programs but few people know its benefits.

A healthy home 

Have you ever wondered if living in a sustainable home would be better for your health? We live in a society in which consumers are increasingly aware and demanding in the demand for healthy ways and lifestyles. In view of this social reality, the WHO affirms that housing conditions have been recognized as one of the determining factors for the health of individuals, therefore, the construction of sustainable houses should be understood as an investment in health.

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It is demonstrated that the sustainability applied to the building influences the health of the occupants and for this reason it is very important to evolve in this aspect and motivate society to build sustainable homes. In this way, from a design that considers the keys to be sustainable, such as acoustic insulation or ventilated facades, it will positively affect the health of the occupants.

Benefits of sustainable homes

Having a sustainable home saves energy and reduces environmental costs, but it also has many health benefits. It diminishes the most common pathologies such as colds, headaches, allergies, fatigue or throat irritation. It is proven that Europeans living in cold houses with high humidity levels are 50% more likely to suffer diseases. On the other hand, spatial planning and architectural design also have an influence on the productivity and motivation of human beings.

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It is very important to change habits and start investing in sustainability to improve the health of individuals but also of the planet, since building also has a strong impact on the environment. In this way, the construction of a sustainable house is always respectful with the environment and is built in accordance with the environmental conditions.


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