How is a facade restored?

Restoring the facade is a requirement for many current properties. Most of the buildings or houses are more than 20 years old, which makes it practically obligatory to restore them and thermally insulate the facades. As explained in this post, since 2006 the law has required that buildings that do not meet a series of requirements must be restored. 
Now that it is known that restoration and thermal insulation may be obligatory in some cases, the best solution is sought to restore the facade.

Restoring a facade: what are the benefits?

The main benefit of restoring a facade is the energy saving. A facade with good thermal insulation can save up to 50% on energy. Apart from the energy saving on heating and air-conditioning, better quality of life is also achieved thanks to the acoustic insulation. 
The second major advantage of restoring a facade is that the useful life is extended. The durability of a refurbished facade is increased and other costs, such as small maintenance works, are reduced.

Restoring a facade: what options are available?

When restoring a facade it is very important to obtain advice from experts to choose the best option. Sistema Masa advises to opt for the ventilated facade as it is the best solution for energy and acoustic insulation. A ventilated facade is a construction type made up of an insulating layer fixed to the existing facade with a protecting sheet that forms a chamber through which the air circulates. It is the most efficient solution, with a saving of up to 50% with respect to traditional facades.
In addition to being one of the most technically complete options for restoring facades, it is a very durable solution. Investment into restoring a facade is returned in the short to medium term. Some of the improvements that can be noticed after restoring a building with a ventilated facade are:
  • Energy saving
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Compliance with the Law
  • Improved value on the sale of the property
  • Greater comfort in the dwellings
  • Protection of the structure
  • Improved appearance
  • Environmental improvement

With some examples of ventilated facade

Sistema Masa specializes in installing ventilated facades. This solution is used for all types of properties: housing, hotels, offices, sports centers, residential properties, etc. Some examples are provided below:

Housing building, Vía Augusta, Barcelona
Rehabilitación de fachadas - Sistema Masa

Arcos de Valadez sports pavilion, Portugal
Rehabilitación de fachadas - Sistema Masa

Hotel Ayre Fiesta, Gran Vía, Barcelona

All Sistema Masa projects can be consulted on the company's web.


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