New restaurant rehabilitation project in Castelldefels, Barcelona

Proyecto Castelldefels fachada ventilada - Sistema Masa

This project began due of an improvement study of four fixed restaurants on the seafront of Castelldefels (Barcelona). From the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and at the request of the city council, the status of these restaurants was analyzed to see how they could improve their structures and their architectural elements. The improvement proposal consisted of a rehabilitation of the space, which included the ventilated facades of Sistema Masa.

Project features 

For the restoration of the restaurant, the proposal was divided into two clear parts: the rehabilitation of the restaurant space and a proposal for new construction of the volume adjacent to the existing restaurants.

The situation so close to the sea forced to choose materials more resistant to salt spray, which is why all the profiles used were treated with marine lacquer as well as AISI 316 fasteners. HPL Trespa Casa HPL plates were used for the cladding. a material highly designed to resist this type of aggressive environment.


In this project the anchorage that was used was the PF-ALT/SO-S. It is a completely hidden system composed of vertical profiles of several types and designed especially for cladding of reduced thickness and large format. The system works in conjunction with a high-performance adhesive in combination with GR-SO-S support anchorages and double-sided tape to ensure a correct and durable fastening with maximum safety.

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